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Health and Safety Division

Formulation of Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) Policy.

Formulation of Guidelines / Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to comply the policy.

Determination and standardization of health standards / limit values / control values for the particular industry /individual/ exposure variables i .e. Customization and need based provision of services.

Medical surveillance
   Pre-employment Medical Examination
   Periodic Medical Examination
   Pre-placement Medical Examination
   Specific Medical Examination :
Pathology Laboratory Testing Facilities.
Any other specified test.
Health, Hygiene, Safety Surveys and Project Assignments

Maintenance of records / data of medical examination, illness profile, injury etc. for
   MIS (Management Information System)
   Future Reference
   Decision Making

Determination and implementation of preventive health management  strategies

Curative Health Services 

Emergency Health Services

Health Insurance Services 

Comprehensive Executive Checkups

Counseling Services 

Nutritional Guidance

Stress Management

Providing and Maintaining Occupational Health Services Inside Premises.

Industrial Hygiene Division

Exposure assessment of various :
   Chemical Hazards
   Physical Hazards
   Biological Hazards
   Ergonomic Hazards

Risk Assessment
   Identification of Hazard.
   Evaluation of Hazard. 
   Designing and Recommendation of appropriate control measures.

Provision of Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) 

Education and Training Division

Education & Training in : 
   First aid
   Personal Protective Equipment
   Personal Safety and Hygiene Practices

Research and Development Division

Undertaking Research and Development Projects in the field of Environment and Occupational Health, Hygiene and Safety.

Resource Management Division

Resource Identification / Generation.

Networking of Services.

Inter-disciplinary / multi-dimensional integrated approach to health  management.

Inventory Management

Waste Management Division

Bio Medical Waste Management Services

Industrial Waste Management Services

Legal Services Division

Advice in Legal Health Matters 

Compliance to Various Laws / Acts / Rules.

Disaster Management Division

Disaster / Emergency Mitigation / Management Plan

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